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Program Description

The READ Center integrated health topics that impact our students into instruction during each semester. READ Center students learned about the importance of dental health from VCU dental students and hygienists in the fall semester.

In the second semester, READ partnered with local health organizations for a Stress and your Heart in February. Each students received a READable on the topic and had an opportunity to attend a presentation at the Capital One Cafe on financial stress. READables are READ-developed easy-to-read booklets.

In the last semester of the academic year, READ students learned about exercise and nutrition lessons. Each receive a READable with information on exercise and nutrition that they could read and word search and other literacy activities for them to complete. A health fair was held at the Robinson Theater with Shalom Farms. FeedMore, Gold’s Gym, The Market @25th Street and other READ partners attending.

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Richmond Virginia


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Success Stories

"I am delighted how you have taken the Readable and expanded it into more learning opportunities for our students. You know I am a big fan of peer to peer learning. " READ teacher

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