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Program Description

Hilliard House is an emergency shelter offering families, and as needed, single women, a safe, short-term stopover and the services needed to help them access permanent housing options. 25% of all the emergency shelter beds for families in the region are located at Hilliard House. Families receive not only a safe and welcoming place to sleep, but also meals, housing-focused case management, access to computers and internet, and tutoring and enrichment activities for their children.

Primary Population Served


Success Stories

Sometimes, less than $500 is all that's needed to solve a family's homelessness. When a family of five arrived at our Hilliard House shelter in 2017, they were struggling to make ends meet after the mother's income was lost during a high-risk pregnancy. Knowing they needed additional support during their housing crisis, they reached out to family members in South Carolina, who agreed to take them in until they could get back on their feet.  As the mother shared with her Hilliard House Case Manager, “I’ll be able to have the baby, get my job back, and get going again.” The family clearly saw a stable future for themselves, and that future was in South Carolina. Then, the big question surfaced, “But how do we get there?” The family strategized with their case manager. Together, they researched South Carolina social services, schools, jobs, and prenatal medical care in their new town. They sought out the cost of a U-Haul trailer to tow the family's modest belongings to SC and arranged for a U-Haul rental.They calculated gas mileage to price out the cost of travel and looked into the cost of installing a trailer hitch for the family's minivan - a necessity to pull the U-Haul trailer. The family pulled together what few financial resources they had, and their case manager teamed up with a local church to sponsor the remaining costs of the trailer, hitch, and gas. Through the combined efforts of the family, shelter staff, and the church sponsor, the family was able to make the move back into a stable home in SC within just 22 days, supported by other family members, and all for less than $455.

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