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Marywood Art Group for Low Income Seniors

Program Description

This is a monthly acrylic painting class conducted at Marywood, a residence for low income and disabled elderly, that includes a significant number of Eastern European immigrants.  Classes are conducted by a combination of professional artists and volunteers.  The class is aimed at giving participants an opportunity to create art and experience a positive community of support.  This experience addresses isolation, builds relationships and grows a sense of well-being that diminishes many of the negative aspects of limited mobility and disability.  The class serves up to 15 painters at a time.

Program Address

1261 Marywood Lane Richmond Virginia 23229


Senior Seniors/Services


Richmond City

Primary Population Served

Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens

Success Stories

Volunteers in this program include students in the Russian Studies department at VCU.  At least half the participants in the classes are Russian and several speak only Russian.  It is a joy to see the faces of the elders light up when one of the volunteers approaches them speaking their language.  This program also enhances the experience of the Russian Studies students, who have an opportunity to use the language and engage immigrants from that area.  Written evaluation forms are available on request.  100% of participants are reporting the highest level of enjoyment in the sessions.

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