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Health Brigade’s Mental Health and Wellness services (MH&W) are designed to increase the accessibility and quality of mental health services for low-income patients and clients of Health Brigade who would otherwise fall through the gaps in affordable mental health care. MH&W services are provided to enhance our client’s life satisfaction and well-being. Therapists, doctors, nurses, and other specialists work together as a team to meet each client’s needs. Our Mental Health and Wellness program provides the following: Specialty, individual mental health counseling/therapy; behavioral health services (smoking cessation, insomnia, medication adherence, etc.); psycho-educational and/or counseling groups; medication assessment, prescribing and monitoring; coordinated care through participation in multi-disciplinary case staffing; referral to other Health Brigade services or other community agencies when appropriate; and services as a training site for the next generation of MH&W providers.

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1010 N. Thompson St. Richmond Virginia 23230




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