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The ACEs study reveals that childhood trauma increases the risk of mental illness and the adoption of risky behaviors. A child with an ACE score of four out of ten is 242% more likely to smoke, 222% more likely to become obese, 357% more likely to experience depression, and 555% more likely to develop alcoholism. When a child experiences a mental health issue, whether it is organic or caused by trauma, and does not receive the treatment she needs, we all suffer.
ChildSavers is a key part of the safety net for all children. Our professional therapists train specifically to address the needs of our core population. They are experts in trauma-informed care and use evidence-based tools to work with children and adolescents ages 2 -18, most of whom are Black and African American and reside in the East End of Richmond.
Our typical treatment involves a series of 23 therapy sessions, and at least one visit with our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist. The therapeutic activities are always child-centered, goal-oriented, and involve clients’ families, guardians, and other supporters, as appropriate. Services focus on helping clients work through what has happened to them and to build resiliency to help them during future stressful situations. Demand for our services continues to grow and in response, we are hiring more clinicians to meet this need.
During our 2017/2018 program year, we served 485 children with 7,871 outpatient sessions. This year, we expect to serve 575 children with 10,500 outpatient sessions.

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200 N. 22nd St. Richmond Virginia 23223


Early Childhood Development


Richmond City

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Success Stories

Our nine-year-old client, who asked to be called the Godchild, wanted us to share this with you. She created a poster for our waiting room. She wanted other children, who may be afraid, to know that they are safe at ChildSavers. She lovingly crafted this poster. Putting together a message she wanted others, like her, to find comfort in. The Godchild wrote, At ChildSavers I learned how to be less scared, and to be stronger and not let little things bug me. I learned how to make new friends, and I learned how to not be friends with people who weren't good for me. I also learned that I shouldn't be worried of small things. I learned not to be afraid of people who are new to me. I learned to be much nicer, and I learned more things about me that are special! The children that visit ChildSavers every week are smart, artistic, and strong! Your investment helps children like the Godchild to be resilient and to feel safe again.

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