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At SOAR365, infants, toddlers and school-aged children – along with their families – are participating in specialized pediatric therapy sessions, often in their homes or other places where they typically spend their day. That’s because research suggests therapy is more effective is most effective when it takes place in a child’s natural environment.
Our children, who have delays in development or have a diagnosed disability (such as Down syndrome, hearing and vision concerns, autism or cerebral palsy), get help from specially trained occupational, physical and speech therapists, and early childhood special educators.
We understand the importance of working with family members as our partners, so they can learn how to effectively help their child with special needs develop movement, communication and daily living skills. Our model works!
• 87% of our children show improvement within 6 months of starting therapy.
• 100% of our families tell us they are better prepared and more confident to help their children.
We helped 539 children and families in 2018. In fact, we’ve been helping children and families since 1976. That’s 10 years before Early Intervention programs like ours were mandated by federal law.
• 85% of our patients – those under age three – are seen in places where they spend their day, such as their home or at their day care.
• Each year, 30% of the children who are discharged from Pediatric Therapy will not need special education services.
o In 2017, 110 children did not need special education when they were discharged.
o That was $13 million in special education savings. Thirteen years of special education costs our public schools an additional $121,000 per child.
In Virginia, the number of infants & toddlers who receive early intervention services is expected to increase by 29% (from 19,000 in 2017 to 24,700 in 2020).
Why we need your help: Providing therapy in the natural environment – where children typically spend their days – is much more expensive than when it is offered in a clinical setting. Because therapists spend more time traveling, they see fewer patients, and insurance reimbursement rates don’t fully cover the costs of this effective, but expensive service model.

Program Address

3600 Saunders Ave Richmond Virginia 23227


Human Services


Richmond City

Primary Population Served

Babies, Toddlers, Children through School-Age

Success Stories

Waiting for speech therapy, bright-eyed Moises hangs over an armchair, while making friends with everyone nearby at SOAR365. In other words, a typical four-year-old. Last year was different. Moises had to be coaxed into appointments that began with him sitting in a corner and sucking on his blanket. "Now he will come in without it," says his mom Irma through an interpreter. Moises attends SOAR365 twice a week for speech and occupational therapies. At first her son could only say one-syllable words and his inability to talk with his family of seven was frustrating. "He couldn't say anything and would shut down. It was sad," said Irma. Moises now speaks in full sentences, fostering a family atmosphere that's "more together because he's doing well." She credits Todd, Moises' SOAR365 speech therapist, for his progress, saying he has "a real bond" with her son that began at the first appointment. Through occupational therapy, Moises is also overcoming sensory challenges. He is now less sensitive about people touching his arms or back. This is progress that all adds up. In September, Moises starts school in a regular classroom. SOAR365 has been a blessing to Irma, as well. "I feel comfortable here. Never had an experience with intolerance. People are very kind." 

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