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Post Adoption Program

Program Description

Our post-adoption program provides resources and referrals when a child has been placed with a family for adoption.. We also provide training opportunities for parents to understand trauma, attachment and the adoption process. We provide Parent Coaching on an individualized basis to process and plan for dealing with the specialized needs of their child or children. Our post adoption social workers are Masters level Social Workers  with specialized education in trauma and attachment and training in responses for children from hard places.   Providing Services for Positive Growth and Development, Our Post Adoption Club program is a day respite service offered to adoptive families, children and teens. Hosted trips allow adopted youth to experience a sense of community and belonging with other adopted children. This also allows parents to have a safe place for their children and teens to interact and be understood by trained social workers.   Our services are provided through the Central and Northern Adoption Consortiums

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Primary Population Served

Adoptive Families

Success Stories

Our adoptive families report that with the help of our services they have significantly improved family functioning and a heightened awareness of parenting a child who has a life time of trauma.