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Rebuilding Programs: National Rebuilding Day, Fall Fix-Up Day, Partner Build Projects

Program Description

National Rebuilding Day (NRD) is held on the last Saturday in April. Over 1,000 volunteers throughout the Greater Richmond region provide an array of repairs to qualified homes and community spaces in a target neighborhood. Each project site comes with its own unique history and work scope. Once deployed, volunteers will participate in various activities—from yard cleanup and painting to skilled repairs and home safety modifications.  Fall Fix-Up Day is our annual, one-day “blitz-build,” that takes place in the Tri-Cities area of Virginia. Volunteers, skilled and unskilled, come together to repair the homes of homeowners in need. This year’s Fall Fix-Up Day will occur in Petersburg, Virginia and will rely on volunteer and financial support from local businesses, faith groups and civic organizations. In an effort to provide home repairs year-round, we give community revitalization partners (sponsors) the opportunity to participate in our Partner Build Program. These projects occur throughout the year making them ideal for smaller volunteer teams and those that are not available during Fall Fix-Up Day or National Rebuilding Day.

Primary Population Served

Aging, Elderly, Senior Citizens

Success Stories

RTR volunteer teams develop a work scope prior to the work day.  As we move closer to the April event, skilled trades such as roofing and electrical work are performed.  The volunteer leads list priority tasks and less important 'nice to do' tasks.  Success is measured by accomplishing the priority tasks to the degree possible with the volunteers and funding allocated for the specific house. We can produce any number of examples of success. 

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