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Taking care of someone with a disability is a 24/7 job that is hard, and at times, overwhelming. That’s why relief is so important for family members. Through our Respite programs, SOAR365 gives caregivers the reassurance that their loved one – whether a child or adult – is well-cared for, having fun and participating in a wide variety of activities when they are in our care.
We’ve been offering overnight weekend respite relief for families at Camp Baker, a SOAR365 facility in Chesterfield County since 1981. That’s fortunate for our families, because 80% of US families who need respite care say that they have a major problem finding these services.
• While individuals are in our care, we help them with personal hygiene, self-care, feeding, independent living and safety skills.
• They learn to explore and express themselves creatively through arts and crafts and music.
• They are encouraged to interact and socialize with others, often during cultural and sports-related trips, to movies, plays and concerts, museums, bowling alleys and baseball games.
• They receive support to maintain health and wellness through regular exercise and medication management.
• Our weekend respite program is open 46 weekends a year and gives families a regularly scheduled break.
• Families can also count on us when they have an emergency, such as a serious illness or even a death in the family.
• Sometimes families need only a few hours of relief, so SOAR365 is planning to extend respite services to week nights and Saturdays at both our Saunders Avenue and Camp Baker sites.
• In 2018, 105 families participated in our Respite program.

Why we need your help: Respite is one of the most desperately needed services for families of individuals with disabilities, but reimbursement rates are so unattractive that few providers can offer this service. We are one of the only overnight, out-of-home respite providers in Central Virginia.
For every weekend we were open, we operated with a $14,000 deficit that had to be subsidized by donations and other resources.

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Success Stories

“I’m Billy’s biggest advocate,” says his sister Cookie. Billy, 53, has been attending Camp Baker overnight in the summer for more than a decade. “I think it helps him open up and experience new things. Seeing his peers do things that he’s afraid of inspires him to think, ‘if that person can do it, I can do it,’ ‘’she says. It took Billy about five years at Camp Baker to participate in horseback riding, canoeing and paddle boating, but when he did, “he loved it! Once he tries something, he’s ecstatic,” she added. While Billy is on vacation, Cookie has a vacation, too. “At Camp Baker they look forward to seeing him, and he looks forward to seeing them. Gives me a little down time.” “SOAR365 has been marvelous,” she said, explaining families can be comfortable that their loved ones are safe and happy. “That little bit of time gets you refreshed.”

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