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The Community Foundation seeks to enhance public education and strengthen the nonprofit sector through three special grant programs that offer opportunities for individuals to pursue professional development activities of their own design. Individuals are recognized for their leadership skills and demonstrated ability to make a difference in the lives of others. Each program follows a competitive process, in which eligible candidates will be selected from a larger pool based on written nominations and, in some cases, their participation in a panel interview.TCF supports 60 scholarship funds that provide financial support to help area students attain their postsecondary education dreams. A limited number of scholarships also support adult learners. The R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence has supported outstanding public school classroom teachers, including teachers housed within the Department of Corrections, by providing grants to support professional development opportunities of their own design since 1988. Nominations are accepted from the public-at-large and extended school community after the New Year and culminate in a recognition program in November of each year. In 2012, we celebrated the 25th year of the R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence. The R.E.B. Awards for Distinguished Educational Leadership was launched in 2005 to recognize outstanding public school principals. Each of the region’s four public school districts advance final candidates to a selection committee comprised of area superintendents, community and foundation leaders. Stettinius Awards for Nonprofit Leadership was created to help develop effective organizational leadership within the local charitable sector by providing professional development opportunities to nonprofit professionals who have demonstrated the potential to become the future leaders of the community.



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