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The Circle Preschool Program

Program Description

The Circle Preschool Program provides high quality early childhood education and intensive trauma focused treatment to children who have experienced trauma related to abuse and neglect. By working with children and their caregivers, we hope to increase social and emotional functioning for children with the goal of enhancing school readiness and improving overall family functioning.

Primary Population Served

Infants to Preschool (under age 5)

Success Stories

An example of our initial program success is evidenced in our caregiver satisfaction surveys. The results indicated that all caregivers felt that the program met their expectations and that they would recommend the program to family and friends. Comments on surveys from caregivers included: The traumatized children received the care and attention they needed.The caregivers benefited from helpful information about child development and how to prepare their children for transition back in to regular daycare or school.The caregivers benefited from listening to other caregivers facing similar challenges with traumatized children during the bi-weekly meetings.Caregivers appreciated the way staff members approached the needs of the children, especially helping children to express their feelings in appropriate ways.Families benefited from the love, support, advice and help received from staff members.