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Urban Service Corp.

Program Description

The Richmond Hill Urban Service Corps is a one-to-two year commitment to live with an intentional Christian community dedicated to the healing of metropolitan Richmond. Beginning August, four servant-leaders will join us in this mission. Richmond Hill has developed the Urban Service Corps to provide adults of any age an opportunity to serve after the example of Christ and participate in God’s healing in the metropolitan City of Richmond. This program provides women and men an opportunity to engage in service within metropolitan Richmond, in initiatives in Richmond Public Schools, mobilizing churches, volunteering in local agencies and non-profits to foster overall improvement in our community. The Corps also provides a rare opportunity to participate in a residential, ecumenical Christian Community and retreat center housed in an historic monastery in the heart of the City. Through this program, Urban Service Corps participants gain an understanding of how the Holy Spirit engages both the people and the social structures of a city, as well as how the life of a Christian community can provide a powerful witness for the possibilities of reconciliation and healing in a metropolitan area.

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