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Women’s Prison Art Program

Program Description

This program provides weekly charcoal and oil painting classes at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women in Goochland, VA.  Participants are chosen by the staff based on interest and eligibility.  Classes are provided by a combination of professional artists and volunteers who have been through the Department of Corrections’ volunteer training program and have passed the necessary background checks.   Up to eight women participate at a time.  The program aims to develop drawing and painting skills and provide a positive experience that will ultimately reduce recidivism.

Program Address

2841 River Road West Goochland Virginia 23063


Arts, Culture & Humanities


Goochland County

Primary Population Served


Success Stories

All participants have produced art they find satisfying and rewarding.  The feedback evaluations indicate 100% satisfaction with the experience.  Expressions like "awesome", a desire for "more classes" and comments like, the classes "are perfect - but I would love more sessions" are common.

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