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Resources You Can Use to Get Funders to Give to Your Cause

Your organization can use any of these tips to create compelling statements of need and case statements that grantmakers and donors won’t be able to resist. Find them and more in ConnectVA’s Knowledge Center (powered by IdeaEncore).

See what others have done. If you’ve never written a case statement, looking at a sample from another nonprofit is the best place to start. Check out: Case Statement – GreaterGoal (shared by University of San Diego) 

Review expert strategies. Have your questions about developing a compelling case statement answered by best practices and information from experts in the field. Check out: Grant Writing Toolkit – Needs Statement (shared by Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico and Questionnaire – Checklist for Case Statement Evaluation (shared by Linda Lysakowski, LLC)

Follow a checklist. A successful grant proposal not only requires a great statement of need – be sure to review grantwriting checklist to ensure you are meeting all the steps. Check out: JVA Grant Proposal Checklist (shared by JVA Consulting, LLC) and Successful Grant Writing – A Check List (shared by Graceful Fundraising). 

Have a resource to share? Be sure to create a  free IdeaEncore account to access and share reports, articles, and other publications in ConnectVA’s virtual online resource library. 

Courtesy of www.4Good.org, inspiring innovative connections between poeple, organizations and movements for greater social impact. 

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