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Resources You Can Use to Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet!

Here are some suggestions (and resources) of how to make 2013 your organization’s best year yet:

1) Find your organizations’ strength and weaknesses. Get a quick snapshot of your organization by the end of the day with Nonprofit Management Services’ One Hour Organization Assessment.

2) Have a plan. Plan for the year ahead and get advice on determining priorities, managing resources, staying on schedule and more with the Bridgespan Group’s in-depth publication Business Planning for Nonprofits: What It Is and Why It Matters.

3) Re-invigorate your board of directors. Review TCC Group?s Nine Keys for Reinvigorating Board Leadership.

4) Try a new fundraising strategy. Considering integrating an earned income program into your nonprofit’s fundraising plan with Social Enterprise Associate’s Nonprofit Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start?

5) Bring new volunteers to your organization. Grow your organization and refresh your current supporters’ enthusiasm with new volunteers. Be sure to post your volunteer needs on HandsOn Greater Richmond.

6) Invest in yourself and your staff. Make sure all of your employees get the professional development they need so your organization has the human capital crucial for long-term success. Learn about local opportunities in ConnetVA’s Professional and Leadership Development.

This content and most of these resources are available through ConnectVA’s KnowledgeCenter, powered by IdeaEncore Network. The KnowledgeCenter is a searchable document resource library comprised of various reports, forms, sample policies, articles, FAQs, tipsheets, Q&As, and links to additional resources. Most of these documents are available free of charge. IdeaEnore is a nonprofit resource center made up of a community of people who exchange information. Create a free IdeaEncore account to access and share reports, articles and other publications.

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