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Resources You Can Use to Resolve Conflict at Your Nonprofit

Resolving conflict promptly and fairly helps your nonprofit team stay focused on your mission. Keep your workplace positive and encouraging with these resources from ConnectVA’s Knowledge Center, powered by 4Good. 

1. One of the best tips for resolving conflicts in the office is to be prepared. Take The Four Hour Personnel Management Assessement to make sure your have the right policies in place. If you struggle with maganaging volunteers, make sure to download Handbook for Employees Working with Knowledge Philanthropists (Volunteers).

2. Address problems right away. Check out How to Resolve Conflict through Conversation to learn how. When Workloads are Seriously Imbalanced is another great resource that will show you how to address a common source of disagreement.

3. Don’t let arguments get in the way of a comprehensive strategic plan. Read Crusing Turbulance: Managing Conflict in the Arts Stratregic Planning Process for advice on navigating conflict during important times. 

4. Bring your pressing questions to this upcoming webinar, Dealing with Difficult People: Learn a New Skillset for Today’s Multigenerational, Multicultural Workplace on Wednesday, June 18th at 1:00pm. 

How do you resolve conflict at work? Be sure to sign-in on ConnectVA and post your advice or suggestions below! Have a resource to share? Create a free 4Good account to access and share reports, articles, and other publications related to solving conflict in the workplace.

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