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YNPN RVA Recommends: Advice for Developing Your Nonprofit Staff

While mission and impact are the heart and soul of a nonprofit, there are many integral parts behind the scenes that make the magic happen. Beyond defining your mission and establishing metrics to measure your impact, it is essential to nurture your people. Yes, your people are your volunteers, donors and supporters, but your people are first and foremost your staff. The hardworking nonprofiteer that is daily putting your mission into action – teaching parents financial literacy, educating teens on healthy lifestyle choices, or providing meals to hungry children. And yet, many organization and nonprofit executives neglect or lack any formal strategic talent development or career progression plan for their staff – and to their loss

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Nonprofit Tips: 5 Ways To Foster Creativity in the Workplace

We teamed up with Lutheran Family Service's Lori Long this week to share tips from one nonprofit leader to another on a few ways you can ramp up new ideas and insights into your work. Here's her advice: Even at nonprofits, where you can be writing a blog post one minute and ordering supplies the next, it’s easy to get stuck in a creativity rut. While we all have several roles to play, sometimes even that variety can feel monotonous. If you’re ready to break free and get good ideas flowing, here are five ways to promote creativity in the workplace:

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Learning Resources: Webinars on ConnectVA Community Calendar

Though there is tremendous value in attending an in-person class or conference, we know that as a busy, strapped for cash nonprofit professional, you may not always have the opportunity to. That's why we've made it our priority to share free and low-cost webinars in our weekly update e-newsletter, and now, on our Community Calendar! Here are all the webinars coming up in April alone!

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Quick Tips: 5 Learning Resources for Fundraisers

If you're a fundraiser, be it in a development, executive, or volunteer role, there is much to know - from picking the right donor database, to writing the perfect grant proposal. As the first quarter draws to a close this month and you look to make adjustments to your personal and organizational strategy, check out these resources and learning opportunities:

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Resources You Can Use to Jumpstart 2015

As January roles by, take some time to think about how you will make sure 2015 is a successful year for you and your organization!  Here are some tips and resources to get you on track! 1. Have a plan. Whether or not your organization has a long-term strategic plan, you can plan for the year…

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From an Expert: Developing People for Tomorrow’s Workplace

"But what if we train them and they leave?" is a question we often hear. "What if you don't train them and they stay?" is our answer. Employee turnover has become more pronounced in recent years as an evolving economy and an aging workforce have accelerated change at multiple levels ? Boomers are aging out…

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