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Resources You Can Use to Prep for The Amazing Raise 2015


The 5th Annual Amazing Raise is right around the corner – September 16th and 17th!

Our friends at The Community Foundation plan for this to be the best year yet with a goal to reach 25,000 donations and $2 million raised. During their recent “Kick-off” event that packed the house, they said, “Together, we will continue to celebrate the tremendous and collective generosity of our community. The true “win” plays out in how the donations are used for the betterment of our region – not only in RVA, but also in the Tri-Cities, Northern Neck and communities across Central Virginia.” Over the past four years the giving day has infused our nonprofit community with over $5 million in unrestricted support.

Toolkits to Prep

On AmazingRaise.org you can find:

Some Important Dates

The summer is an important time to begin planning for The Amazing Raise.  The Community Foundation is offering several trainings where they will help you create or update your GiveRichmond portrait in time for the August 1 deadline, as well as tips for creating an effective social media campaign to promote your goals.

Beginner/Advanced Portrait Trainings – July 8

“Social Media Strategies for Giving Days” Workshops ($15 per person) – July 14 and August 11

Portrait Deadline – August 1

First Day of Video Submission – August 10

The Amazing Raise 5K at the Boulders – September 10

5th Annual Amazing Raise Giving Challenge – September 16-17

Social Media Strategies for Giving Days

Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill  provided the following Top 5 tips for harnessing the power of social media during the Amazing Raise Kickoff.

https   speakerd.s3.amazonaws.com presentations 6a3ecd3ac1d141278e1ce092ab5dcd84 NAIL_YOUR_STORY 4.pdf

1) Invest NOW in social media & e-news

2) Make a plan and assign roles

3) Nail your story

4) Create and use stellar visuals

5) Curate a team of ambassadors

This is just a preview of what you can learn during the interactive workshops offered at The Community Foundation.  Attendees will walk away with practical tips, low cost resources and how to utilize each social media platform to reach your targeted audiences. The cost is $15/participant, and all funds collected will support the Selfies for Good prize during the Amazing Raise.  Register for the session July 14 and August 11.

Still need convincing on participating?  Read this article on 5 Meaningful Reasons to Participate in the Amazing Raise!


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