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Mindfulness with YNPN RVA and Project Yoga

Project Yoga Richmond’s goal is to make yoga accessible and affordable to practitioners of all abilities. On Monday night, they led YNPN RVA in a facilitated mindfulness discussion followed by an interactive yoga session. PYR also gave a moment for individuals to do a self-care check-in which asked the following questions based on the past 24 hours of your life:

  1. Have you stretched and moved your body?
  2. Have you paused for a moment and taken 5 deep breaths?
  3. Did you sleep at least 7-8 hours last night?
  4. Have you spent time in nature?

Mindfulness is more than a “buzz-word”, it is a way of life that requires a lot of practice and welcomed intention. YNPN RVA’s challenge was to take a moment and set an intention around 1 of the 4 questions above. What will you take a few moments to do more of this week?

Missed the event? Join them at the mat for a class: https://projectyogarichmond.org/schedule

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A recent study showed that 84 percent of nonprofit jobseekers saw work as part of their identities, not just a way to make a living. While this level of commitment is a driving factor when it comes to working for social change, it also can be a factor in the ability for nonprofit professionals to find a healthy balance between their work life and personal life. We know first-hand how passionate and dedicated local nonprofit professionals are – often working long hours and wearing multiple hats, all in an effort to tackle some of society’s most challenging and pivotal issues. But what are some of these nonprofit professionals doing to create more of a work-life balance?

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