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The Growth of Tricycle Gardens: From Community Gardening to Urban Farming

The Early Years Tricycle Gardens began over a decade ago, when a group of neighbors in Church Hill, looking to address urban blight within their neighborhood, broke ground on Richmond's first community garden- Jefferson Avenue Community Garden. Urban myth has it that the name was born in that garden when volunteers unearthed old tricycle parts while installing the first raised beds. They went on to create and support four more community gardens in the city and worked with the city's administration to establish what is now the Richmond Grows Garden program. The purpose of the program is to support community members who come together to grow food and community across the city.

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Nonprofit Trends: RVA Combats Economic Inequality & Environmental Degradation

ConnectVA is excited to announce a new blog series, where we will showcase the local response to global and national trends in the nonprofit sector. We aim to highlight organizations who are utilizing new and innovative ways to solve challenges through programs, initiatives and collaboration. According to Independent Sector's Nine Key Trends Shaping the Future of the Charitable Sector, "disruption from inequality and environmental degradation" are two factors that will put pressure on the public sector to respond with innovative solutions and political change. Nearly half the world's population survives on less than $2 a day. In the City of Richmond, the poverty rate is 26.7%, the highest level in the state. Virginia is abuzz over topics such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and its potential environmental impact. Despite these challenges, we found many examples of how local organizations are actively collaborating to create change!

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