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Help Somebody Spotlight: Allen Earehart, Volunteer, Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services

ConnectVA and The Community Foundation are excited to share another shining example of a great person doing great work in our community, through the Help Somebody Hall of Fame – meet, Allen Earehart, active volunteer and board member for Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services (GFCFS) ! Diane Reale, Director of Volunteer Resources for GFCFS, reached out to us to share more about the firm commitment and incredible impact Allen has in the Goochland community.

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Resources You Can Use to Jumpstart 2015

As January roles by, take some time to think about how you will make sure 2015 is a successful year for you and your organization!  Here are some tips and resources to get you on track! 1. Have a plan. Whether or not your organization has a long-term strategic plan, you can plan for the year…

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News from the Community: UofR Internships and the Richmond Guarantee

Since the announcement and press release on December 8th, the community of Richmond, Virginia, has been abuzz about the Richmond Guarantee, which will begin in summer 2015.

For every traditional undergraduate student, the University of Richmond will guarantee funding of up to $4,000 for one summer research or internship experience before graduation.

The majority of opportunities will be funded through the UR Summer Fellowships program.  In the summer of 2014, the University provided more than 300 UR Summer Fellowship awards, totaling more than $1 million. About half of the awards were for research and half for internships. The average award was $3,600. In addition, more than 80 students worked alongside faculty members pursuing grant-funded research projects.

Many nonprofit and non-governmental organizations provide remarkable opportunities for students in the summer, though they may not always have the means within their operating budget to fund compensation for an intern.  As well, internships are an increasingly required component of students’ preparation for many career fields.  Our goal is to ensure that cost is not a barrier for students who have the opportunity to pursue research or undertake an unpaid internship in a field that is complementary to their academic pursuits at Richmond.  The Richmond Guarantee will ensure students have access to a stipend to pursue the very best internship or research experience they can, in any field or endeavor and in any part of the world. 

While The Richmond Guarantee will expand the number of students who receive University support for their internship or research experience, students must identify their own opportunities and apply through the UR Summer Fellowships program. As part of the application, students must demonstrate how a fellowship will help them build upon their academic work and prepare for their first professional job or graduate and professional school.

For additional questions, or to get started by posting an opportunity, please contact University of Richmond Career Services at 804.289.8547 or hirespiders@richmond.edu.

Want more advice on hosting an intern?  Check out other blogs posts in this series:

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And make sure to:

– Register for Internship Bootcamp on January 9th with ConnectVA, UofR and VCU

– Attend the second annual Regional Nonprofit Career and Internship Fair with VCU and ConnectVA on February 19th to find talent for your organization

– Check out our Connect to Students page for contact information at each local school for internships

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Volunteer Engagement: Trends in Volunteer Activitiy

No one can deny that our world is ever changing -- becoming more expansive, more technologically advanced, more globally interconnected, and moving at a faster and faster pace. But how have all of these changes affected volunteer activity and the service landscape? And most importantly, how do we adjust our volunteer engagement practices and strategies…

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Tip of the Week: Volunteer Engagement Message Board

Seeking real-time answers to important questions related to the volunteer engagement field?  ConnectVA has joined forces with HandsOn Greater Richmond and the Greater Richmond Association for Volunteer Administrators (GRAVA) to host a specialty forum devoted to the field of Volunteer Engagement.  The ConnectVA Volunteer Engagement Message Board is your go-to location to learn, share, and connect on volunteer engagement topics: participate…

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Get HandsOn: Growing Volunteer Leaders

Thinking of volunteering in our community? HandsOn Great Richmond actively connects volunteers to meaningful volunteer opportunities in our community. Many of you already know HandsOn makes these connections, but did you know they're also growing and strengthening volunteer leaders? Growing Volunteerism & Civic Engagement in Youth: Earlier this month, 27 high school aged youth graduated from HandsOn's…

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Get HandsOn: Do-It-Yourself Volunteer Projects

What do mini-catapults, no-sew bags, seed bombs, and yoga flashcards all have in common? They were all created by Do-It-Yourself (DIY) volunteers. The DIY programs allows volunteers to contribute meaningful service to area nonprofits from the convenience of their own homes, schools, churches, etc.  Each month, HandsOn works with one community partner to develop a…

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