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Get to Know YNPN RVA’s Leadership Team 2018

Meet the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) Leadership Team and Committees for 2018! You may have seen our “introduction” posts on social media with the hashtag #MeetYNPNRVA2018 – here is the full list of our teams and some of our favorite things!  All illustrations were created by Erica Mendez Babcock.

For those unfamiliar, YNPN RVA is the region’s local YNPN chapter focused on engaging and supporting future nonprofit and community leaders through professional development, networking and social opportunities that are designed for young people involved in the nonprofit community.  The YNPN RVA Leadership Team drives programming, communication and membership for the network, led by an Executive Team.

If you’re interested in joining YNPN RVA as a member in 2018,  check out our affordable membership rates and all the benefits that come with it!

You can expect monthly opportunities to learn, connect and socialize through our lunch time career advancement series “Nonprofits at Noon”, panel discussions on hot topics, facilitated discussions from professionals in the field, opportunities to meet seasoned nonprofit professionals, social opportunities at the coolest bars and breweries in RVA and Signature Celebration Events, like our “Great Nonprofit Bosses” recognition event in November.

RSVP to our first event of the year – the 2018 Nonprofit YP Kickoff Social at the Veil Brewing Company in Scott’s Addition and get to know all of the incredible young nonprofit professionals in our network!

Executive Team

Board Chair: Laura Pilati, Volunteer and Special Events Manager at St. Andrews School

  • Favorite snack/dessert? brownie a la mode
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Anything by Wes Anderson, Grace and Frankie on Netflix
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? I am a huge fan of 60s/70s funk and soul. But I also love simple acoustic folk music. Noam Pikelny is a love right now.

Board Vice Chair: Mollie Brooks, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at Genworth

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Banana bread
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Clue
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Needtobreathe

Board Secretary: Michael Parsons, Information Coordinator at Peter Paul Development Center

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Oreos
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Seinfeld
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Joni Mitchell

Communications Committee

Staff Liaison, Communications Chair, Treasurer: Liz Lungut, Communication Officer, ConnectVA at The Community Foundation

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Tortilla chips and salsa
  • Favorite movie/tv show? The Walking Dead
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music?  Dave Matthews Band

Communications Committee: Katie Bowman, Communications Officer at The Community Foundation

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Dark chocolate anything
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Obsessed with Downton Abby (even visited the castle in Newbury, England)
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? JohnnySwim

Communications Committee: Erica Babcock, Marketing & Communications Officer at Better Housing Coalition

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Pistachio ice cream
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Korean dramas
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Adele

Communications Committee: Gabrielle Jones, Digital Marketing Manager at the Community Idea Stations WCVE

  • Favorite snack/dessert? My favorite dessert is a warm chocolate chip cookie.
  • Favorite movie/tv show? I love documentaries.
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Stevie Wonder is my favorite musician.

Communications Committee: Holly Gordon, Programs and Operations Manager at HandsOn Greater Richmond

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Anything with Oreo in it.
  • Favorite movie/tv show? The West Wing
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? I like steel drums—they remind me of the beach.

Communications Committee: Lataunda Beasley, Guest Services Associate at the Science Museum of Virginia

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Tiramisu
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Walking Dead
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Linkin Park

Communications Committee: Lauren Martin, Manager, Program Development & Engagement at Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA)

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Green grapes and Colby cheese cubes
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Anything by Shonda Rhimes
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? #BeyonceForever

Programs Committee

Programs Committee Co-Chair: Omi Eaddie, Director of Admissions and Graduate Support at St. Andrew’s School

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Ice cream, cupcakes, frosted flakes cereal
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Romcoms, comedy, campy horror movies
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Pop, hip hop, gospel

Programs Committee Co-Chair: Devan Colley, Development & Communications Coordinator at Peter Paul Development Center

  • Favorite snack/dessert? One of my favorite snacks is Utz Party Mix
  • Favorite movie/tv show? My favorite movie is No Country for Old Men
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? One of my favorite bands currently is Vulfpeck

Programs Committee: Catherine Estevez, Assistant Director at Communities in Schools of Virginia

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Just about anything from Shyndigz
  • Favorite movie/tv show? My all-time favorite is The Wire
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? My go-tos are oldies (motown) and country music.

Programs Committee: Jessica Horswell, Program Manager at GRASP (GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program, Inc.)

  • Favorite snack/dessert?  caramel popcorn (delicious)
  • Favorite movie/tv show?  Right now… anything science fiction.
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music:  I love different music depending on what mood I’m in!  Recently I have been listening to a lot of Violent Femmes.

Programs Committee: MckenZie Walker, Membership Coordinator at Virginia Association of Museums

  • Favorite snack/dessert? a quesadilla
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Friends
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Johnny Cash

Programs Committee: Meg Petruney, at Lush Handmade Cosmetics

  • Favorite snack/dessert? anything with hummus
  • Favorite movie/tv show? crime shows and history documentaries
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? podcast obsessed but favorite band is Lake Street Dive

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Co-Chair: Diana Villarreal, Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond

  • Favorite snack/dessert? any type of dumpling
  • Favorite movie/tv show? almost all reality TV (don’t judge me!)
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? any music from the early 2000’s

Membership Committee Co-Chair: Kathy Greenier, Consultant at Floricane

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Popcorn with Sour Patch Kids
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Netflix is always recommending to me “dramas with a strong female lead,
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? I unabashedly love pop music

Membership Committee: Elise Kindya, School Counselor at St. Andrew’s School

  • Favorite snack/dessert? milk chocolate and peanut butter fudge swirl ice cream cone with toasted marshmallow fluff from Charm School
  • Favorite movie/tv show? The Office always puts me in a good mood
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music?: Kathleen Hanna will be my forever music crush

Membership Committee: Heather Farber, CASA Volunteer Coordinator at Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Gilmore Girls
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Christmas music (I don’t care if the holidays are over. I wish we could listen to it all year!)

Membership Committee: Michelle Hulme-Lippert, University Educator at Randolph-Macon College

  • Favorite snack/dessert? Chips and guacamole
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Dramas, including This is Us, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, The Honourable Woman, and Alias
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Folk / Americana Rock

Membership Committee: Meet Tiffany Slaughter, Minister of Family Life at Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

  • Favorite snack/dessert? UTZ BBQ chips
  • Favorite movie/tv show? Love romantic comedies
  • Favorite musician/band/type of music? Backstreet Boys

Don’t forget to RSVP to our first event of the year – the 2018 Nonprofit YP Kickoff Social at the Veil Brewing Company in Scott’s Addition and get to know all of the incredible young nonprofit professionals in our network!

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Event Recap: Great Nonprofit Bosses

Over the past several weeks, YNPN RVA sent out a call to young nonprofit professionals all over Greater Richmond to nominate their boss or supervisor to be recognized as a part of our largest event of the year, Great Nonprofit Bosses Celebration that was held on November 1st at the Hippodrome Speakeasy. There was an incredible turnout from the community as we recognized and celebrated 26 outstanding nonprofit bosses serving our sector. (See the full list here). Our four panelists: Robert Bolling (Childsavers), Chris Hariston-White (Better Housing Coalition), Myra Goodman Smith (Leadership Metro Richmond) and Megan Hodges (NAMI Virginia) shared about their career experiences and offered wisdom about leading effectively in the nonprofit world. Resounding themes from the conversation included: open and intentional communication with coworkers, always continuing to learn, making mistakes is okay, and find your heart and your passion - and go after it.

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Get to Know YNPN RVA + Interest Social

YNPN RVA is hosting an interest social and invite you to join us! Our leadership team will be on hand to introduce themselves and describe the various roles and skill sets that we are looking to add to our group and ways you might get involved with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA Chapter in 2017. And of course, this is a social event as well - there will be food and drink available for purchase. We spoke with several of our YNPN RVA leadership team and committees about why they enjoy being a part of the network and what it means to them personally and professionally! Here’s what they had to say:

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YNPN Recommends: Tips for Your Nonprofit Elevator Pitch

A responsibility of any member of a nonprofit staff or volunteer team is to articulate what need your organization addresses and the necessity of its support. In any setting, the purpose of an elevator pitch is to provide a brief summary to your conversation partner as to why your work demands investment. Consider the following items as a way to frame your delivery:

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Event Recap: Top 40 Under 40 Nonprofit Spotlight 2015

On Wednesday, November 18th 2015 ConnectVA’s Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN RVA) hosted a fantastic event – the Top 40 Under 40 Nonprofit Spotlight, that celebrated the nonprofit leaders and professionals selected for Style Weekly’s Annual Top 40 Under 40 List and recognized these extraordinary young people who are changing the community through their work in the nonprofit sector.

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Event Recap: Mentoring Matters with YNPN RVA


In case you missed it, here’s a recap of YNPN RVA’s “Mentoring Matters: Using Mentoring as a Tool for Professional Development” from this past Wednesday morning at Richmond Memorial Health Foundation!

Young nonprofit professionals from all over Richmond gathered together for breakfast and to learn why finding a mentor and networking is crucial to growing your career.  YNPN RVA brought in 5 leaders from the nonprofit sector to discuss their journey and how they’ve developed relationships throughout their career that have helped propel them to the next level.

The leaders were from various agencies in different types of roles. The panel was moderated by Tonya Dawson from the University of Richmond and the panel included Chris Hughes, YMCA Group Vice President; Marianne Williams, Bon Secours Health System Talent Acquisition Manager; Charleita M. Richardson, Partnership for the Future President and CEO; Rose Marie Wiegandt, Virginia Mentoring Partnership Program Director; and Stephanie G. Odera, VCU School of Social Work, Instructor and Field Liaison.

When asked about their professional background almost all of the leaders stated that they actually came from the corporate sector in areas like human resources and accounting, and didn’t anticipate moving into the nonprofit world.  Marianne admitted that networking and guidance from a mentor led her to land each job, as she climbed to her current role, “your network of support, the connections you make, and your references are key to helping you stand out among other candidates for a position – it’s all about who you know,” she said.

The leaders spoke to how they met their mentors – some had mentors who were previous supervisors, board members, instructors during school, and even family members. Rose Marie said that she has a mentor for various aspects of her life – someone who she relies on for guidance in her professional career, wellness, spiritual guidance and her family life.  New to her role and unfamiliar with leading an organization, Charleita depended on a few of her board members to really help guide her into success in her current role as President and CEO.  Stephanie spent time building relationships and seeking advice from professors during her studies at VCU – she said she took full advantage of “open office hours”.

A big piece of advice that the leaders agreed on was that finding a good mentor takes time and patience.  Sometimes it will take a while to find someone that can guide you through your career and help you get to the next level.  Start off by asking a leader or someone in the field you want to connect with out to coffee.  Come prepared with questions to ask them, and do your homework beforehand.  Most leaders who are passionate about what they do, and have had great mentors throughout their career, are willing to give back and take the time to help you with advice.

Mentors helped the leaders in many different ways – figuring out the “next step” in their career, feedback on handling tough work situations, ways to improve their leadership skills, classes and learning opportunities they should take, dealing with a layoff, people they should connect with and guidance for ways to improve as a professional.

When you are developing a relationship with a potential mentor, be careful not to “unload or dump” too much personal information.  “The purpose of finding a mentor to enhance your career is to create a strong, trusting, professional relationship – you don’t want it to turn into a therapy session” Stephanie said.  You must build trust over time, only after that trust is built, could you seek more personal advice from a mentor figure, which many of the leaders have after relying on the mentor’s wisdom for many years.

Don’t always assume that someone who has a similar skill set as you will give you the best support as a mentor.  Chris Hughes said that some of his best mentors have come from very different backgrounds and have had different skills than he, but they were able to help him gain a different perspective and help him in areas of weakness.

Even though it can be uncomfortable, seeking out a mentor, networking and building a system of support will be critical to your professional journey.  You must be open to advice and criticism and willing to put time and effort into building that professional relationship, but you will see the rewards.  All who attended the event put their business cards into and drew one out of the “Bowl of Gold” to make a commitment to meet, connect and network with someone new from the event!

If you are looking for a more formal way of building a network of support, there are programs in the region, like MENTOR Richmond from the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Applications are now being accepted.

The Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence hosts the “Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program” each year through Nonprofit Learning Point – an eight month journey for nonprofit professionals to foster a deeper understanding of their leadership capacity, advance their understanding and practice of leading in the nonprofit sector, and strengthen their network of nonprofit colleagues.  Information sessions are now being held to learn more about the program, as well as their robust schedule of nonprofit classes.

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YNPN RVA Recommends: Tips for Mentoring Relationships

A good mentor-mentee relationship can be a life enhancing experience for both participants. By definition, a mentor is a person or a friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. A good mentor is someone who challenges you, provides constructive criticism, and helps you to achieve realistic goals. A close friendship is often formed through a mentorship relationship but not always. Everyone throughout their lives has people they look up to or call on for advice, but a true mentor/mentee relationship is one not only based on trust and friendship, but on discernable goals, objectives, and skills. If you’re looking to learn more about the benefits and advice for finding a mentor, register now for YNPN RVA’s Mentoring Matters: Using Mentoring as a Tool for Professional Development on June 24th. You should also check out these tips:

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