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Tip of the Week: Message Board Tips and Tricks

Click here for current tips on how to use the Community Discussion Forum, formerly the Message Board.

This week ConnectVA launched the new Message Board, a place to participate in cause-related dialogue and seek real-time answers on important needs and issues. The Message Board, along with the ConnectVA Daily Update, replaces the ConnectRichmond and ConnectSouthside email groups. This new and improved feature on ConnectVA allows you to share information in an easy and visually appealing way!

Here are the basics:

  1. Register or sign in and navigate to the Message Board page
  2. Choose a topic category
  3. Post a message
  4. Reply to a message

All posts to our main five topic categories are automatically sent to you via the Daily Update. However, if you want immediate notification, you can always subscribe to that category. Subscribe to an Affinity Topic Category to begin receiving email notification of messages posted. You can also flag an inappropriate message.

The new Message Board is always live on our website so you can see messages and replies in real time, post replies or contact other users directly, and search for past messages easily. The Message Board also allows you to post messages in RichText format, which means you can include styling like bold and italics, insert hyperlinks to other websites and email addresses, and attach images and files, such as a flyer or application. We strongly recommend you keep the formatting simple so that your message is received as intended.

You can also save your message as a draft so you can come back to it later, and preview your message so you make sure it looks just right before you post it!

Visit the Message Board and the full rules and tips to get started!

Quick tip: Don’t forget to sign in to use all of the Message Board features.

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