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Tip of the Week: Organization Administrators and Organization Authors

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How do I create and manage a profile for my organization on ConnectVA?
My organization already has a profile – how do I gain access to it?
I created a profile for my organization – how do I grant access to my colleagues?

These are common and important questions for using ConnectVA for your organization. Creating an organization profile allows you to join our Organization Directory and post in the Job Finder, Community Calendar and Item Exchange.

If you represent a nonprofit, civic organization or government entity and want to use ConnectVA, you will need to register as an organization, which simultaneously registers you as an individual and submits an organization profile request. If your request is approved, you become an Organization Administrator for your organization’s profile.

If your organization is already registered on ConnectVA, please do not try to register it again (search the Organization Directory to verify). Instead, please contact the current Organization Administrator and request that they add you as an Organization Author to the profile. All organization profiles display the Organization Administrator associated with the organization and link to that user’s contact information.

Organization Administrators can add Organization Authors to assist with managing organization profiles. If you have been contacted by a ConnectVA user requesting to be added as an Organization Author or if you would like to add a colleague to your organization profile, you can easily assign (and remove) them by following these instructions for assigning an Organization Author.

Quick Tip: Organization Profiles display the names of all Organization Admins and Authors for that organization profile. You can click on the name of any user to visit their Personal Profile and find their contact information.

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