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Tip of the Week: Requesting an (Additional) Organization or Business Listing

Click here for current tips on how to register for an organization or business. 

Help! I’ve already registered on ConnectVA as an individual and the site will not allow me to register again for my organization or business listing.

I want to request a secondary organization or add another business listing. 

All users who register on ConnectVA are granted an individual account on the site. Individual users are subscribed to our daily and weekly updates, can participate in the Message Board & Item Exchange, and have access to a personal profile. During registration, users have the opportunity to simultaneously request an organization or business listing.

If you registered as an individual user and later would like to request an organization or business listing or if you want to add a secondary organization or business, you will need to sign-in to ConnectVA and under the “Join the Community” tab in the top navigation, select “Request an Organization or Business” (please note that this functionality is only available to signed-in users).

Quick Tip: When you request your new or additional organization or business listing, you will still experience a small delay in access due to the ConnectVA Administrator approval process


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