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User Spotlight: Jonathan Zur, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

Get to know Jonathan Zur, President & CEO for the Virignia Center for Inclusive Communities.

“It is so gratifying to know that we are heightening awareness around issues of diversity, confronting prejudice, and promoting inclusion.”

Q: Tell us about yourself and your work.

I have the honor of serving as the President & CEO of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC). Our organization works with schools, businesses, and communities to achieve success by addressing prejudices, in all forms, in order to improve academic achievement, increase workplace productivity, and enhance local trust. 

Through workshops, retreats, and customized programs that raise knowledge, motivation, and skills, the VCIC develops leaders who work together across lines of differences to achieve success throughout the Commonwealth.

I was first exposed to this organization as a high school student participating in programs led by our affiliate in New Jersey. When I came to the University of Richmond for college, I linked up with the local VCIC office and began volunteering. Over the years, I served in many roles. 

Q: What do you love about your work?

I am incredibly proud to have worked with talented and passionate colleagues and volunteers to increase the number of program that the VCIC delivers annually by over 370%. This growth allows us to reach significantly more schools, businesses, and communities across Virginia, and the great majority of the expansion is due to word-of-mouth from people who have found value in our work. 

Q: What’s got you excited?

The VCIC is the first Richmond-area nonprofit organization to be invited to partner with Catchafire. Through that affiliation, we are linked with experts who offer pro bono services. As a result, we will be working with Mark Livingston of the Loyal Promoters LLC on strategic planning over the next year. 

It is exciting to be in a place as an organization where we can assess our current structure and services as we look to the future and identify opportunities to more effectively fulfill our mission.

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